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What is Empowered Breath Centric Yoga?

Empowered breath-centric yoga is an anti-dogmatic approach to studying and practicing yoga, wherein practitioners can integrate the use the biomechanics of the breath to facilitate movement, traditional yoga techniques as taught in the Krishnamacharya lineage, current exercise science, critical thinking, self-study, and intuition to experience a unique and fulfilling experience of yoga.

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What prior yoga experienced is required?

There are no specific prerequisites to this program. I recommend at least one year of attending some kind of yoga class or home study so that you have a foundation on the basics of yoga. I recommend working with Gary Kraftsow’s Viniyoga DVDs or online courses for an introduction to the kind of breath centric yoga that will be included in this course.

I can’t do XYZ yoga pose, is this an appropriate training for me?

Yes! One of the key principles of this training is understanding adaptations for postures. You will learn modifications for postures you can’t do or can’t yet do. You’ll also be practicing a lot of yoga and learning a lot of yoga techniques that may change your perspective on achieving postures as an end goal.

OK but will I learn how to do XYZ pose?

Maybe. You will learn the principles of many postures and how to execute many postures. You will also learn what poses my be contraindicated for you. I’ll be honest, we’re going to spend minimal time working on more complex postures, so if you’re desperate to rock out a handstand, I recommend studying with a gymnast.

I have an injury or special condition, is this an appropriate training for me?

Yes! As mentioned above, a key principle of this training is adapting yoga practice to suit individual needs. Please email me with your specific concerns so that I can ensure that the facility and training materials are accessible and meet your needs. I promise that any personal information you share will be kept confidential.

What are the requirements for certification? What if I cannot attend a training session?

You will need to attend all intensive sessions and submit all written assignments to receive a certificate. You may miss up to 20 hours of class time without penalty, however, it is your responsibility to find out what material you missed by working with a colleague or faculty. Should you miss more than 20 hours of class time, you must arrange with faculty to make up missed material and additional contact hours may be subject to an additional fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

The initial registration deposit is non-refundable. Should you cancel less then two weeks before the start of training, the cancellation fee is 50% of the total training fee.

What can I expect in an intensive weekend?

Each weekend will focus on a particular theme and will include several yoga and/or meditation practices led by Flissy, lecture and discussion, and study of Yoga Sutras. Trainees will also practice teaching to their peers in the second half of the program. More details about the program.

How much homework is there? 

There is home study includes keeping a practice journal, observing yoga classes, practice teaching, and reading assignments. Reading list.

Are books and materials included in the cost of the training?

No. You will be responsible for acquiring the books on the reading list, as well as bringing a yoga mat and any props and note making material you like to have with you to training session.