Yoga Sequencing Secrets

Learn the secrets of creating safe, effective yoga sequences!

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This 6 class online course offers a solution for the stress-inducing, time-consuming process of planning sequences for group yoga classes. 

Flissy is an 500-hour certified Viniyoga teacher with ten years and thousands of hours experience teaching a variety of styles of yoga to all levels of experience of students. As a yoga teacher training facilitator and mentor for yoga teachers, she has helped dozens of teachers overcome the struggle of developing class plans.

The secrets she will teach you in this course can be applied to ANY style of yoga class for ANY level of experience. Using the worksheets and tools included in this course, you will be able to plan an impactful yoga practice in thirty minutes or less.

6-class video course: $75

Topics Include:

  • Yoga Sequencing Principles

  • Worksheets to quickly create effective yoga sequences

  • Dozens of yoga sequence ideas to get you started on class plans

  • Tricks to planning mixed level classes

  • Adapting sequences for a variety of populations

  • How to apply sequencing principles to teach ANY style yoga class

You will get:

  • 6 50-minute webinars for you to stream or download

  • Webinars delivered weekly with optional exercises to complete

  • The Magical Worksheet and Magical Outline for sequence planning

  • Additional PDF downloads of sample sequences and course notes

  • Access to a private Facebook group for discussion

  • Videos are captioned in English