Yoga Sequencing Secrets

6-Class Online Course:

  • Yoga Sequencing Principles

  • Worksheets to quickly create effective yoga sequences

  • Dozens of yoga sequence ideas to get you started on class plans

  • Tricks to planning mixed level classes

  • Adapting sequences for a variety of populations

  • How to apply sequencing principles to teach ANY style yoga class

  • PLUS PDF notes, sample sequences, and additional resources

How to Draw Yoga Stick Figures

Downloadable Video Course

  • 50 minutes of instruction

  • Step-by-step process for drawing individual stick figures and how to use them in a sequence

  • A PDF copy of the sheets used in the video

  • Four worksheets to practice your stick figure drawing

  • Additional complete yoga sequences

  • Links to purchase the tools mentioned in the video

Purchase both courses and save $20!


Mentoring for yoga teachers via skype

My mentoring sessions focus on supporting yoga teachers in identifying their students’ needs and crafting practices and teaching methodologies to meet them.

Each one hour session is tailored to your unique needs.